Minimum wage increase in Venezuela could be in stages

A new proposal related to the increase in the minimum wage in Venezuela aims to do so in stages. First, bring the salary from 130 to 600 bolivars per month; in November take it to 1,200 and in 2025 adjust it to 1,854 bolivars per month

The working groups on the increase in the minimum wage in Venezuela continue to work. A new proposal envisages an increase in stages, which includes first taking the current salary from 130 bolivars to 600, in November of this year taking it to 1,200 and in 2025 increasing it to 1,854 bolivars.

Workers are still waiting for an increase in the salary they earn monthly, since in 2023 the expected increase did not occur. The national Executive increased the Patria system bonuses, and they have no weight at the time of the employee’s withdrawal or retirement.

The new proposal for a staged salary increase was announced in a recent interview with Globovisión by the national director of Fedeindustria, Alcides Cayama, who indicated that “the average salary currently paid by private companies in the country is Bs. 1,854 per month ( $60).”

He emphasized that both the government and business owners and workers recognize the need for a substantial increase in the minimum wage.

Let us remember that the Confederation of Venezuelan Workers (CTV) had previously made a proposal to bring the minimum monthly income of Venezuelans to $200, no later than this month of March.

The organization presented the proposal during the social dialogue forum, in which it was accompanied by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) and the Independent Trade Union Alliance (ASI) Venezuela.


Source: diarioelinformante

(Reference image source: Ivan Henao at Unsplash)

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