Microsoft prepares replacement for Mail and Calendar in Windows 11

Microsoft is working on the new version of Outlook that will replace Mail and Calendar in Windows 11. It is expected to be ready in 2024

According to an announcement, Microsoft is preparing a new version of its Outlook email service for 2024 and that thereafter it will replace the Mail and Calendar applications, which will continue to be downloadable through the Microsoft Store.

The company is working on new options to offer a unified Outlook experience, focused on personal productivity and the organization. One of its latest innovations, for example, is the support for Gmail accounts in Outlook, which is already included in the preview of this service.

Microsoft has now commented that the new Outlook for Windows has “a modern and simplified design for the PC with Windows 11” and that from 2024 new devices with this operating system will ship with this application installed by default.

With it, other services such as Mail and Calendar are replaced, which will not disappear completely, but can be found through the Microsoft Store, which means that they can be downloaded until the end of 2024.

With this, Microsoft has indicated that on existing computers, users can switch to the new Outlook for Windows from the switch at the top of the interface of these other applications.

The company has pointed out that the new version of Outlook allows streamlining accounts, organizing and sharing events more easily and quickly, unifying accounts and enjoying Microsoft 365 for free on the web “with the click of a button”.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Microsoft, Europa Press / dpa)

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