Mexico will host Mediamorphosis communications event

The main transmedia communication meeting will take place on June 27 and 28 in Mexico. The conferences will focus on topics related to entertainment, videogames, cinema, communication, advertising and more

A total of 12 conferences complete the agenda of the most important communications event in Latin America, Mediamorphosis®, which after twenty editions in more than 11 countries arrives in Mexico.

The multiplatform event will take place on June 27 and 28 at the Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center in Mexico City. It will address issues related to the essence of the conference, such as live activities, lectures, international competitions, training area and workshops, webinars and digital publications.

It will be the platform for new agreements, presentation of successful experiences, establishment of alliances with governments and institutions and festivals. Also, national and international speakers “will discuss the future of communication, industry trends and new technology platforms,” ​​including the entertainment industry: television, film, videogames, sports, marketing and advertising.

Damián Kirzner, creator and organizer of Mediamorphosis, said: “Mexico is a market that the world is clearly looking at. It is in this country where a greater number of productions are opening up through the new platforms with the development of dozens of content for the new media.”

The two days of the event will be favorable for the realization of the following workshops: Google Labs, by Juan Manuel Lucero; How to use the new YouTube tools? Workshop of domination of realities for augmented reality, by Martin Rabaglia; Narrate in 360 ° for an augmented reality, by Andy Waisberg; Development of immersive contents, Skam series, by Mari Magnus; Creativity and experiences according to each industry, by Tupac Martir; Love for Content, by Gerardo Brandy (platform launch in Mexico).

Those interested in the event can access Eventbrite for the registration and to get tickets or visit the website


Source: El Economista

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