Mexico suffers Internet cut due to a trivial mistake

The Telmex company, responsible for the Internet connection in much of the Mexican territory, reported that due to a human error there was a fiber optic outage, which caused the supply to be interrupted

This Thursday a large part of the Mexican territory was affected by an interruption in the Internet service by Telmex and Telcel. Other areas showed intermittent connection. The Infinitum company did not respond when the problem arose.

However, after several hours of communicational chaos, Infinitum explained what happened. In his message it was possible to read: “Telmex reports that today a fiber optic cut was recorded due to grassland burning work in communities of the States of San Luis Potosí and Sinaloa, which caused intermittent navigation in some sites from Internet.”

The company added that they reserve the right to take the corresponding legal actions for this trivial error that affected the communications, in addition to reiterating “their commitment to our clients to offer the best service.

The truth of the whole negative event for the population is that users will have to pay for the service despite not having a connection for a long period of time.

Infinitum insists on establishing responsibilities for this involuntary suspension of Internet service, and called it an expensive mistake.”


Source: FayerWayer

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