Mexico and the United States analyzed economic and commercial strategies

In a new meeting this Monday, representatives of the United States and Mexico reviewed the economic and commercial strategies in key sectors for both nations

In a meeting held in Mexico this Monday, the representatives of the United States and Mexico addressed key issues for both countries and that are included in the economic and commercial strategies scheduled for 2021.

Representatives of Joe Biden and Manuel López Obrador talked about progress in reducing poverty, promoting economic development in both countries, issues in the energy sector, semiconductors, electromobility, medical equipment, investment, border security, among others.

In the meeting known as DEAN (High-Level Economic Dialogue), in addition to the ambassadors Esteban Moctezuma (Mexico) and Ken Salazar (United States), the head of the Economy of Mexico, Tatiana Clouthier, and the secretary of American Commerce, Gina Raimondo. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, and his US counterpart, Antony Blinken, also were present.

It is important to remember that in September 2021 the United States and Mexico launched what is known as the DEAN, which is a high-level dialogue commission, to deal with issues of fundamental importance between both nations.

The first meeting was held on September 9 of that year. The second was held this September 12 with the purpose of “strengthening their economic and commercial relationship and promoting investment, employment”, cooperation and development.


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