Meta will test “Community Chats”

The company wants to transfer the experience to both Messenger and Facebook with the new Community Chats

Meta plans to bring the WhatsApp Communities experience to Messenger and Facebook with “Community Chats,” a space where users can connect with other people about common interests, also reminiscent of Discord.

The company that owns the social network will begin testing this functionality in Messenger in the coming weeks, with the intention of extending it to Facebook groups as well, giving users a space to contact other people who share their interests.

These chats are reminiscent of WhatsApp Communities, which the company announced in April and has already begun to deploy within the beta of its mobile applications, still under development and testing.

This is a new section in the messaging platform that brings together in one place the conversation groups that revolve around a theme or a common social space, such as the children’s school or the activities of neighborhood associations.

The new experience for Messenger and Facebook announced by the executive director of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, maintains the figure of the administrator, who will be the one who creates the Community Chat on a specific topic and organizes subtopics in it, in the form of group conversations, on different categories of the main theme.

K. Tovar

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