Meta will remove the Facebook News tab in more countries

Facebook News was recently removed in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Now Meta announced that the measure will be extended to the United States and Australia starting in April

Because only 3 % of the content that Facebook users see on the platform is news, Meta decided to eliminate the Facebook News section from the social network tab.

The measure was recently applied in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. However, starting in April, it will also be eliminated in the United States and Australia.

The notification about the removal of Facebook News, created in 2019, was announced through the Meta Support page, a company that wants to “focus its time and resources on things that people tell us they want to see more of on the platform, including short videos.”

In relation to the media, Facebook indicated that they will be able to continue sharing their news on the platform, “and users will continue to have the ability to view and share news on their personal profiles.”

Facebook will continue to work to verify the information that appears on the platform, in addition to strengthening its relationship with independent data verification organizations around the world, to guarantee that the information is 100% real.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that the company has established partnerships with more than 90 independent fact-checking organizations worldwide to review content in more than 60 languages.


Source: elaragueno

(Reference image source: Austin Distel at Unsplash)

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