Mercado Pago will allow payments with cryptocurrencies in Mexico

The MercadoLibre platform, Mercado Pago, has announced that it will give Mexicans access to payment with cryptocurrencies in its application

The ease of paying electronically, and with cryptocurrencies, in most countries of the world, has led the various platforms for buying and selling goods and services to launch new tools for users. Mercado Pago is on this path and announces that it will allow payment with digital currencies in Mexico.

In recent information, the company Mercado Pago, from Mercado Libre, made the important announcement. The possibility of paying with cryptocurrencies from the application itself adds to other benefits for customers, such as the possibility of viewing the price of cryptocurrencies, as well as trading with ether, bitcoin, among others.

Transactions can be made directly by customers in Mexico from their Mercado Pago Wallet accounts. It is estimated that in the country, some 12 million citizens own cryptocurrencies, which represents about 13 % of adults.


Mercado Pago


Transactions from the Mercado Pago app only require a simple procedure, such as entering the banking platform and following the steps indicated. When you enter your Mercado Pago Wallet account, you go to the Cryptocurrencies section, where the instructions begin.

It takes little time, because the app is friendly, predictive, it clearly shows the steps that are being carried out and the results are very fast. Of course, the client must have a sufficient balance for the payment, purchase or sale that they wish to make in cryptocurrencies.


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