MasterCard will now allow the purchase of NFT

The company announced the association with others in the Web3 world to facilitate the acquisition of NFT

The payment processing company, MasterCard, announced that thanks to the association with several companies in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT), it will now allow the purchase of this type of asset.

Specifically, the company indicated that it is working with ethereum’s layer 2 NFT network, Immutable X, and also with The Sandbox. Other cryptocurrency platforms include MoonPay and the NFT platforms Candy Digital, Mintable, Spring and Nifty Gateway.

Thanks to all these associations, MasterCard will allow the purchase of NFT through fiat money; buyers will be able to avoid the step of taking their money to cryptocurrencies for the acquisition of this type of tokens.

The new service will be protected with measures similar to those that protect the company’s payment system. This will likely remove some of the uncertainty that comes with non-fungible token purchases, as well as fraudulent activity.

It should be remembered that in 2021, the world of NFTs left profits of more than 25,000 million dollars in sales. For its part, MasterCard has so far distributed some 2.9 billion cards worldwide.

K. Tovar

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