Malta will create the world’s first blockchain registry

The country continues to strengthen its reputation as the "Island of Blockchain" with this new government agency

The reputation of Malta as a “Blockchain Island” continues to grow. Now, the nation works on the first blockchain registry in the world.

A report published by the country’s media indicates that the Companies Registry consists of an agency that handles official data and documents linked to new and existing companies.

At that time, the agency was told that it must comply with all the obligations it had when it was part of the MFSA.

Silvo Schembri, Secretary of Economy and Innovation of the Parliament of Malta, conducted an inspection of the facilities of the agency in Zejtun, where he assured that the creation of this register is a response to the modifications proposed by the MFSA to strengthen its governance structure.

“The new system will make possible the provision of new services that with the current system are not being provided, and which settles the agency as the first in the world to operate with a blockchainbased system“, said Schembri.

K. Tovar

Source: Coincrispy

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