Facebook will offer Internet services in Mexico

The social network, together with Hughes Network, will offer the possibility of connecting to the web through a satellite system

It was recently confirmed that Facebook will enter the Mexican Internet service market, offering connection plans for homes and strategic points.

The social network created by Mark Zuckerberg will be present not only in the Mexican region bus it is also expected that this service will reach Brazil.

This will be possible thanks to the association of Facebook with Hughes Network Systems, a company that specializes in network communication and the use of satellites; something that will make it easier to take the Internet service to these countries without problems.

This type of free WiFi service will reach communities with difficult access via satellite. So that it is possible for them to stay connected even without installation of the service in the area.

It is not yet known exactly when this service will be available for Mexico and Brazil. Facebook’s plans also go beyond Latin America with the possibility of extending it to Russia and Indonesia.

K. Tovar

Source: FayerWayer

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