LordToken, a new French cryptocurrency exchange

The platform is focused on becoming the new leading cryptocurrency exchange in France

LordToken, a new French cryptocurrency exchange powered by Binance Cloud, founded by Francois Denis and Nicolas Lefortier in 2020, expects to enter the crypto market, with all its platform and affiliated services in early 2022. They want to become a “dominant player” in the cryptocurrency trading and investment industry.

The cryptocurrency exchange LordToken is based in France and ensures that it meets all the requirements to become a leading exchange in the European market. A safe and reliable option because it will comply with all the regulations applied in France and in the European market in general.

Exchange with Binance Cloud technology

LordToken will supply its trading services in collaboration with Binance Cloud, which will give users access to Binance’s full liquidity at launch. It will certainly be a huge driving factor because since its launch users will be exposed to Binance’s daily trading volume by worth billions of dollars.

This cooperation supports the implementation and maintenance of the LordToken Exchange Trading mobile application. They will have an ease of use very similar to the Binance application, with the option to personalize the application with its colors, editorial policy and service dedicated to its clients.

LordToken estimates starting with more than 335 digital assets on its trading platform with a relatively low commission of 0.1 %. Additionally, it will incorporate social trading, which is a function that will allow users to copy the trading strategies of the main traders on the platform.

The process is relatively simple. Users start by choosing one of the main LordToken traders to analyze their performance and profits. Later they decide how much they want to allocate from their cryptocurrency portfolio to replicate buying and selling operations in real time.

M. Rodríguez

Source: es.beincrypto

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