LaplanaBologna: benchmark of Venezuelan dental excellence

Doctors Laplana and Bologna will be speakers, after having won the Quintessence Publishing contest with the video #newfaces, at the 26th International Symposium on Ceramics, from June 9 to 11, 2023, in San Diego, California-USA

Today, Venezuela is an international dental reference center, and doctors Rafael Laplana and Anabell Bologna are proud of this. LaplanaBologna has been betting and making contributions in favor of the updating of dentists and dental technicians, which continues and is maintained through activities and training events.

The conservative philosophy (minimally invasive) of treatments, digital strategies and options of Advanced Dental Aesthetics, extensively analyzed by LaplanaBologna and related to the use of restorative materials and adhesive technology, was selected to be included in the scientific yearbook QDT 2021/2022 Quintessence of Dental Technology Vol 44. Doctors Laplana and Bologna will now be speakers, after having won the Quintessence Publishing contest with the video #newfaces, at the 26th International Symposium on Ceramics, from June 9 to 11, 2023, in San Diego, California – USA.

At the beginning of the year 2023, Dr. Rafael Laplana reached the number of care and successful comprehensive treatment of patient number 10,000, at his headquarters in the American Polyclinic, in the El Rosal urbanization, Caracas. This is an extraordinary achievement for Dr. Laplana in his 40 years of professional practice, who has also contributed, invested in, and promoted the training process of new generations and the recognition of outstanding professionals, while promoting the social responsibility that comes with the health aspect.

New discoveries and new technologies make it mandatory to keep up to date: “We work to increase the level of continuing education, dentistry is going much faster than people think. We totally changed the analog world for the digital world”, assured the founder and co-director of LaplanaBologna Estética Dental Avanzada.

Through minimally invasive methodologies and protocols, supported by modern digital technologies and advanced equipment, with highly qualified professional collaborators and top-quality innovative materials, they carry out restorative dentistry that makes dentofacial rejuvenation possible, taking into account the functional as well as the aesthetic.

The mission of LaplanaBologna Estética Dental Avanzada is “to create smiles to change lives”, through first-class treatments and procedures, positioning Venezuela as an international dental reference.


Every fifteen days an episode of the podcast “Con LaplanaBologna” is released via YouTube and other international platforms or networks, with invited experts and highly relevant topics, to learn more about human well-being, personal development and comprehensive health, from the advanced dentistry they perform.

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Rafael Laplana

Graduated from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) and advanced postgraduate degrees, he is still in the country because he believes that it has a promising future. For this reason, it prepares training events in which it shares the evolution, advances and knowledge of its work team, based on the philosophy of giving and receiving continuous education.

Anabell Bologna

Anabell is a dentist by profession, specializing in restorative, cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry. After graduating from the Central University of Venezuela, he focused on specializing as a dental ceramist: “This is really what allows me today to manage between the clinical and technical areas like a fish in water, in order to be the leader of a great team together to my mentor and life partner, Dr. Rafael Laplana.”


Taken from / Written by Irene Hernández

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