Johnson says Parliament’s actions would make the Brexit agreement difficult

The British Prime Minister accused those who are trying to block the United Kingdom from leaving the EU in a negotiated manner

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accused Friday those who try to block Brexit in Parliament from undermining the chances of reaching an agreement with the EU that, according to him, needs the United Kingdom.

In his first statements after Parliament’s suspension until October 14 approved Wednesday, Johnson has insisted that his only goal is “to try to get an agreement.”

But if this is not possible, he said in an interview with Sky News, “you have to prepare to leave in any case” on October 31. It is preparing us to leave in any way as we have considerably strengthened our position before our friends and partners in the EU.

In this regard, he has denounced that the more Brussels and the rest of the partners think, at the bottom of their heads, that Brexit can stand up, that the United Kingdom could be maintained (in the EU) by Parliament, the less likely it is to give us the agreement we need.

In this sense, Johnson has trusted that the deputies allow the United Kingdom to reach an agreement and prepare for a Brexit without an agreement. “That is the best way for our country to move forward; believe me”, he defended.

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