Facebook works on AI development for Minecraft

The social network team is working on the videogame ecosystem in order to expand the tasks based on Artificial Intelligence

Facebook is currently working on the development of a virtual assistant for the popular Minecraft video game that takes its ecosystem as a starting point in order to expand the tasks that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can perform.

“Machine intelligence has outpaced humans in a range of tasks, from games to facial recognition. But the embarrassing truth is that AI systems still cannot handle many tasks”, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explained (MIT) in a publication.

In order to create an Artificial Intelligence that is good at performing multiple tasks, although “not with superhuman performance”, Facebook Research team, led by Arthur Szlam, began to develop a virtual assistant for Minecraft that can interact with humans and carry out the functions they indicate.

This game, developed by Microsoft, is interesting for this AI study because it offers a world without limits with infinite possibilities, but limited to a simple and predictable rules that involve limits.

Minecraft players themselves are the main source of training for the assistant where Facebook works. “Since we work in a game environment, players can enjoy interacting with attendees while training, offering a rich valuable resource for research with involved humans,” the explain the authors of the study.

The amount of actions that can be performed in this video game is huge, given that you can freely decide where to place the blocks. However, the researchers hope that “the requests of the players to the assistant will focus on a small segment of what is possible in the game.”

Through this process, AI training is expected to be simpler, and if even if it fails to complete user tasks correctly, the results obtained will be useful to make progress in this field.

K. Tovar

Source: 3DJuegos

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