Joe Biden urges companies to ensure security against AI

The US president called for the creation of security measures to protect society from new products

During a meeting with his science and technology advisers, US President Joe Biden stated that the security of artificial intelligence (AI) remains uncertain. He stated that it is crucial for technology companies to ensure the safety of their products before launching them on the market in order to protect society, national security and the economy.

Biden also recognized the potential for AI to address problems like disease and climate change, but stressed the need to address potential risks.

He referenced the negative impacts already seen on social media and stressed the importance of passing nonpartisan privacy laws that limit the personal data collected by tech companies.

The Center for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Policy recently urged the US Federal Trade Commission to block OpenAI from releasing new commercial versions of GPT-4, a language model that has both shocked and alarmed users by his human-like ability to create written responses to questions.

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

Reference image source: File

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