In March, 3,600 Bitcoin ATMs were disconnected

During the third month of the year there was the largest disabling of Bitcoin ATMs, with the figure of 3,600 ATMs disconnected

In January of this year, the disconnection of Bitcoin ATMs began. In March, the figure reached a maximum of 3,600 disconnected ATMs.

The trend collides with the increase in the adoption of Bitcoin on the global stage, thanks to the speed and ease of transactions for both individuals and companies.

Industry analysts estimate that during the month of March the largest disconnection of Bitcoin ATMs occurred. However, as of April 1, the installation of 37 new ATMs was registered, leading the sector by the firms General Bytes, BitAccess and Genesis Coin.

The cryptocurrency market is navigating troubled waters, marked by bankruptcy and exchange intervention, theft of assets due to account hacking, mistrust in the world environment and, now, disconnection of Bitcoin ATMs.

The volatility of the price of BTC, the main global cryptocurrency, keeps investors on edge.


Source: cointelegraph

(Reference image source: John Paul Cuvinar, Unsplash)

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