iPhone 12 may not include charger in its box

An Apple analyst says that the company would be considering not to sell this tool for environmental reasons

Apple won’t include the charger in the box for the next iPhone 12. The decision could be due to evironmental reasons or to cut costs, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

According to an analyst statement, the iPhone 12 will not include either headphones or a power adapter in the box. Kuo believes that the company will launch as an optional accessory for the iPhone a new 20W power adapter and later this year it will stop producing 5 and 18W power adapters.

Also, the Apple analyst stressed that the new 20W power adapter will be similar to the 18W with USB Type-C Power Delivery connector for fast charging.

According to Kuo, the production costs of the iPhone 12 will increase due to the incorporation of 5G technology in the new iPhone line. By removing the headphones and the power adapter from the box, the company can cut costs, but could also cite environmental concerns.

Kuo also believes Apple will discontinue 5W power adapters with the second-generation iPhone SE later this year, though it will continue to include a 12W power adapter with iPad, 10.2-inch iPad Air and iPad mini.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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