Crixto arrives in Venezuela as a payment alternative

The British service arrives to offer consumers and merchants the possibility of paying for their goods through bitcoin, ether, litecoin, among others

The British payment platform Crixto will start offering its services in Venezuela as an alternative for the country’s consumers.

The objective of this startup is to promote the use of cryptocurrencies in the country, given that today this is still very limited.

Despite the aforementioned, Venezuela is one of the countries where the greatest handling of digital assets through exchange platforms is observed, which makes the country a very strategic place for the development of this type of tools such as Crixto.

The company will allow users to directly buy goods and services using cryptocurrencies as a vehicle. Specifically, they can use bitcoin, ether and litecoin in the establishments affiliated with the platform, without the need to change them in bolivars, just as today a large majority do, to avoid the complication that this brings with it.

The digital platform offers merchants the possibility for users to pay with cryptocurrencies while they receive currencies. This makes it easier for the merchant to obtain dollars or euros directly from bank accounts that they own locally or abroad.

K. Tovar

Source: Agencies

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