IOVLabs and 7 more companies join the Hyperledger consortium

The new members have the mission to continue to advance on the development of blockchain projects

Hyperledger receives a new group of members affiliated with the Argentine startup IOHK and 7 more companies in order to join efforts to promote advances and the development of blockchain projects.

The information was released in a startup press release: “We are delighted to be a part of the Linux Foundation, one of the leading organizations promoting open source software and ecosystems. All of the software used within the RSK network and developed by IOV Labs is open source, and our spirit closely aligns with that of Linux.”

Furthermore, the statement specifies that membership in “Linux Foundation and Hyperledger will accelerate the adoption of open blockchain standards that promote financial freedom, transparency and trust.”

Among the companies that join IOHK are: DB Systel GmbH, technology arm of the German company Deutschen Bahn AG; Atomyze, a commodity tokenization platform linked to Nornickel; Binarystar, Japan’s largest blockchain business center; Public Mint, a fiat currency payment processor that uses blockchain; Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK); Global Blockchain Business Council; Interwork Alliance.

It is important to note that the Argentine startup has kept constantly working for its expansion. Currently, the company is present in Gibraltar, Singapore, Shanghai and Uruguay and last year it made the strategic acquisition of the largest social network in Latin America, Taringa.


Source: criptonoticias

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