Internet has more than 1,132 million web pages

The network of networks currently hosts more than 1,132 million web pages, according to data from Netcraft

The Internet is the quintessential medium for finding information on practically any topic. According to data from the British company Netcraft on its official blog, it currently hosts more than 1,132 million web pages.

Internet users, all over the world, go to the Internet to obtain information, acquire knowledge through courses, interact with other people through video calls. The immediacy of the interaction has led to an increase in unique domains, which is around 270 million.

Added to this growth are the servers, which account for 12,156,700, where Cloudflare stands out from first to third place, with a market share of 21.64 %, Apache with 21.40% and nginx, with 21.20.

These figures translate into control of the Internet at the hands of three web servers that power almost two-thirds of the million most trafficked sites in the world.


With information from international agencies and media

(Reference image source: Markus Spiske, Unsplash)

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