India enters the Top10 of countries to invest

The reforms applied in the country and a GDP growth of 7.1% attract investors

India is included this year by several analysts in the Top10 ranking of countries to invest. Thanks to the government reforms implemented since 2017, the growth of its GDP and the reduction of risk in the face of US taxes, investors are targeting business in India.

Among the favorable measures for a commercial opening are the initiatives for financial penetration and the transfer to the formal economy of lagging segments. All these elements pose a positive future.

The elimination of restrictions on foreign markets could translate into an injection of capital in key sectors such as medicine, aviation, railway industry, construction, automotive and defense. The activity of Indian citizens abroad has also experienced significant flexibilization.

With regard to the banking sector, it shows solidity, growth and profitability, which represents a strong attraction for foreign investors. This upturn joins the strengthening of the technology sector that continues a positive development, particularly in the area of ​​communications.

According to Goldman Sachs, the middle class in India could double in the next decade, thanks to policies in favor of the most needy. This would place the country as the largest contributor to the world’s middle class.


Source: Expansión

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