My Line by Google brings information closer to Colombians

Alongside with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies this initiative is solution for remote populations with difficult access to the Internet

Communications through Internet, are a must today. However, remote populations may have difficulty navigating or simply not having access to the network. To alleviate this situation in Colombia, Google has launched My Line, a system through which it’s needed just one call from a mobile phone to a specific number to obtain the information required.

Google pointed out that customers do not need to have Android or iOS operating systems on their cell phones to access My Line. The development based on artificial intelligence works with a call to the line (031-6000913) to formulate your question.

The person must speak clearly, with proper pronunciation so that the program captures the request and provides a response. This means that the person must be specific and that there should be no background noise or interference.

The questions can be about the most diverse topics: climate, gastronomy, history, medicine or sports. Thus, a customer may want to know what’s the temperature in Peru and another may look for how a typical dish of Bogotá is prepared.

The initiative from Google seeks to bring information to all citizens quickly and efficiently. Preliminary tests have shown favorable results what means positive news for those who are in remote areas of Colombia.


Source: El Colombiano

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