ICT positively applied on health field

Information and communication technologies in the health area promise shorter recovery periods thanks to well-applied protocols

Medicine is one of the areas that currently benefit the most from technological developments and innovations in sectors such as artificial intelligence, robotics, assistance applications and remote or virtual communication and augmented reality.

Today, doctors, nurses, therapists and other health professionals are involved in assisting patients in remote areas, as well as treating diseases through the use of virtual reality.

The treatment of depression, anxiety or phobias is the most common at present. Patients go to the consultation, where they are connected to the necessary devices to be immersed in programs of augmented virtual reality that, with the help of the appropriate plan, allows them to heal in a shorter period and effectively.

These are non-invasive techniques, which patients are familiar with, since they have been immersed in the technological revolution for several years and understand it. On the other hand, the medical and assistance staff shows understanding before the doubts and has the necessary knowledge to answer any question.

There are also advances with augmented reality for cases of insomnia, addictions, post-traumatic stress, among others, with positive results around the world.


Source: Salud Digital

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