Huawei invests in Mexico and Chile

The technology giant Huawei has invested in two new data centers that will be operational in 2023 in Mexico and Chile

In 2023, the technology giant Huawei will have two new data centers after a large investment to expand in Chile and Mexico. They will take their experience in the digital market to more favorable scenarios.

Huawei has a team of professionals who are oriented to new trends that are based on the most advanced technologies for key sectors of every nation such as education, medical services, finance, electronic commerce, banking and governance.

Fernando Liu, Huawei’s CEO for Latin America, advanced the information recently during the celebration of the commemoration of the three years of Huawei Cloud in Latin America, in Rio de Janeiro. He stressed that they are the fourth-largest cloud service in Latin America and are focused on “reaching more industries in the region.”


Latin America has advanced in this matter; however, further investment is still required to underpin cloud technology. Huawei will give its contribution with these two new data centers in 2023, one in Chile and the other in Mexico.

Solid benefits, facilities and time savings are expected not only for people but also for companies with their digital services, thanks to the “incorporation of new technologies to the Latin American network between 2022 and 2023, which will make it faster and more efficient.”

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