Hackers steal over 7,000 bitcoins from Binance

Hackers stole more than 7,000 bitcoins in Binance, the world's largest crypto platform in daily volume

Currently, taking into account the value of bitcoin, theft is equivalent to about 36 million euros, less than 63 million dollars. The attack was carried out at the end of 2017 to the company NiceHash but by that time the value of the digital currency was higher and 4,736 BTCs were lost.

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, explained that the company has an insurance and will cover the possible losses of the users, so they will assume the responsibility.

Similarly, the company assured that hackers managed to obtain API keys and codes from two factors. “A big security problem“, since with these codes the attackers were able to enter Binance accounts and transfer the BTCs to another purse.

The methods used by criminals include various techniques, including phishing, malware and other types of attacks. The firm is still investigating to conclude which of these routes were used.

To conclude, Binance’s CEO warns that “hackers can still be in control of certain user accounts and could use them to influence prices”. Therefore, deposits and withdrawals will be closed but not the trades that will remain open.


Source: Xataka

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