Hackers claim to be able to recover blocked WhatsApp accounts in exchange for money

The messaging platform has a function to cancel services for users who do not comply with the policies, something that hackers claim to be able to bypass

Cybercriminals claim through social networks that they have the ability to restore WhatsApp accounts blocked by the platform so that their owners can use them again as long as they contribute an amount of money.

The messaging platform, owned by Meta, reserves the right to cancel its services in the event that users do not comply with the conditions of use detailed on its website.

Among the actions or activities that WhatsApp prohibits and that could be grounds for blocking an account are the copying and distribution of works derived from its service or content that encourages illegal or inappropriate behavior.

WhatsApp points out on this page, in fact, that it can modify, suspend or cancel the access of certain users to its services “at any time and for any reason“, in the event that users cause damage or put other users at risk like the platform itself.

Cybercriminals took advantage of this situation to share false offers through social networks, in which they indicate that, upon payment, they are able to unlock these accounts that have been interrupted due to misuse of the service.

This has been verified by WABetaInfo, who shared one of these false ads in which a malicious agent encourages the blocked to establish contact with an Instagram user to recover their accounts.

K. Tovar

Source: Europapress

(Reference image source: Dima Solomin, Unsplash)

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