Google will offer improvements for folding phones

The technology company announced that its Android 12.1 operating system will give users a better experience with these types of phones

Google is preparing a second update to complete the functions of its Android 12 operating system, which will be released soon, with a 12.1 version that will be aimed at improving the experience on mobile phones with folding screens, with functions such as a taskbar.

The XDA Developers portal had access to a version of Google’s mobile operating system, known as Android 12 sc-v2 and that could reach users as Android 12.1. Among its most outstanding novelties is a task bar at the bottom for devices with larger screens such as tablets.

This, which will not be ready in the first version of Android 12, will be incorporated in version 12.1 thinking of mobile devices with screens similar to tablets when they are deployed, such as the Galaxy Z Fold family of Samsung or Mate X of Huawei.

The Android 12.1 taskbar will feature such as a wave animation for when icons zoom in and out, as well as the option to open split screen mode by dragging an icon to one half of the screen and then another to the middle of the other half of the screen.

The bar will also be hidden when opening the full screen, and it will be shown centered on both sides of the screen when split screen mode is open, like two Google Chrome browser windows.

K. Tovar

Source: Techdroy

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