Google will change its public practices around the world

The decision was made after a historic agreement with the French competition authority and the payment of a fine of 220 million euros

Google will implement changes to its global advertising system to prevent abuse of market dominance. The move is part of an unprecedented agreement by the organization with the French Antitrust Authority. The settlement also includes a fine of 220 million euros for monopolistic practices in the industry.

Isabelle de Silva, France’s antitrust chief, said: “The decision to sanction Google is of particular importance because it is the first in the world to focus on the complex algorithmic auction processes on which the online advertising business is based.”

The sanction of the giant is a historical fact that could become a before and after for publishers of web pages and other applications for mobile devices, due to the benefits they obtain from online advertising.

Dominant position

The development of the investigation demonstrated the preferential treatment that the company gave to its ad technologies, placing its competitors at a disadvantage, and which allowed it to increase its dominance and position in the world market.

Google privileged its DFP advertising server and the AdX platform, responsible for organizing the auction processes. This platform supplied the bidding price offered by the competition, and Google increased the bidding price, reducing the attractiveness of third-party advertising services.

M. Rodríguez


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