Google Travel will help clients plan their trips

With the new application users will be able to consult the places of interest that they can visit, availability of flights, hotels and even the weather forecast

Google is betting on making the planning process of a good trip more efficient, simple and fast. Last year improved the navigation between Flights, the search for hotels and the mobile application of Trips. These changes can now be observed from the computer with Google Travel.

The application comes to make life easier for all travelers who may be spending hours and hours planning the trip. Google Travel can help people planning to go anywhere in the world or move around their own country.

The tool will help clients to search for sites of interest, check prices and availability of flights as well as hotels and offer suggestions of the most popular destinations. The app also imports a record of other data that Google has offered on previous occasions.

For example, if at any time the customer was in a certain city and searched for various recommendations, that information is captured in the aforementioned Google data record.

In the same way, this functionality is designed for a quick access to those data and repeat or modify that plan in the event that traveler repeat the destination. Without a doubt, it is better than starting from scratch again.

Also, if an incomplete or halfway planning was left, Google Travel will keep the progress and if the clients are interested in looking at other places, the platform will show them many suggestions and recommendations.


Source: Fayer Wayer

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