Google Play will minimize the size of app downloads

The new tool implemented by the platform is called Optimization of apps installation

Google will minimize the size of the applications downloaded on Google Play through data collected by crowdsourcing, analyzing which parts of the applications users activate first, prioritizing these and leaving the others unloaded to use less space.

The new tool is called App Install Optimization, and Google has already included some of its features on its support page.

When many people have used an app, Google does a crowdsourcing analysis on it, making it easier to know which services are used first. This means that they undertake massive analyzes of community data to find out the necessary information about user behavior.

Thus, “when enough people do this (use the apps), Google can optimize to install, open and run the applications faster for everyone,” they assert in Google support.

This process will not be automatic, but can be activated and deactivated in the Google Play menu, and will accelerate the speed of installation of applications from the digital store, reduce the time it takes to open and run applications and reduce saturation of CPU, battery, or device storage.

Source: dpa

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