Google launches a domain especially for meme pages

Google's “.meme” domain, which indicates that the pages viewed publish this content, is available in the Early Access Period. On December 5th it will become free access with an annual base price

Memes have gone from being a diversion to a communication tool. Google has launched the “.meme” domain exclusively for this content, and several pages are already using it.

From the beginning, images or drawings with humorous, burlesque or even cynical content, called memes, began to fill a void on the networks, positioning themselves strongly. So much so that thousands of people in the world encompass what they want to say, a response or a greeting, with a meme.

In the field of cryptocurrencies, meme coins are a success. Shibainu, Dogecoin, Pepecoin and Sonik Coin are some of the best known.

Returning to the novelty of Google, people or companies interested in sharing this content only need to enter “through “ and from there register it as long as the website does comply with the basic rule that its content is based on memes.”

Some of the pages that are already part of this domain are,,,,, or

These sites publish content about marketing, style and beauty, pets, among others, and keep the Internet user’s attention focused on the visual content they combine.


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(Reference image source: Markus Winkler, Unsplash)

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