OpenSea will prevent reselling of stolen NFT

The nft market announced that it will work to prevent the commercialization of this type of asset, when they come from a scam

OpenSea, the market for non-fungible tokens (NFT), spoke about its commitment to prevent the theft and resale of these digital assets, one of the main challenges of the crypto ecosystem from which this platform has not been spared.

Links are one of the main concerns in the theft of tokens, due to the fraudulent use that cybercriminals can make of them. The most common seek to attract the attention of their victims through collection lists or unwanted NFT transfers.

The OpenSea platform implemented a new system that scans urls. When this system does not locate them in a list of malicious urls, it performs a series of simulations to interact with them in order to detect risk behaviors.

“Scammers attempting to propagate detected malicious links will have their accounts blocked, their collections delisted, and their transfer requests blocked when using OpenSea,” the platform states on its blog.

On the other hand, when an NFT theft has already occurred, on this or another platform, the cybercriminal may try to resell this digital asset. To prevent this action, OpenSea started testing a system that detects theft in real time.

This measure joins the one currently used by the platform, by which it marks an item suspected of having been stolen, for later review, which prevents its resale. They also contact the previous owners to verify if the transaction was legitimate.

K. Tovar

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Source: Coindesk

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