Google Chrome will offer biometric protection to incognito tabs

The Google Chrome browser takes a step forward in terms of security by offering biometric protection in incognito tab searches

The browser most used by web users, Google Chrome, announced that it will provide biometric protection in incognito tab searches.

The measure taken by the most versatile platform in the sector seeks to provide greater privacy to the millions of users who use it daily to obtain information and carry out their work activity.

google chrome

The new Chrome biometric security system will be very simple. Although not many details are known at the moment, it is known that it will be the user himself who decides if he wants to activate the new functionality.

If the Internet user wishes to use this security system, but does not have a fingerprint reader, in that case he will have the option of activating a PIN.

Biometric protection joins other security mechanisms for browsing the web, in order to avoid vulnerability to the advances of hackers and other cybercriminals eager to obtain the personal data of the most unwary.


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