German Ethics Council calls for limits on the use of Artificial Intelligence

According to the German Ethics Council, AI cannot claim to replace humans and limits must be set

The German Council of Ethics emphasized on Monday that Artificial Intelligence (AI) should not replace humans and ruled in favor of placing strict limits on its use.

“Artificial intelligence should enhance human development and not diminish it,” said the president of the German Ethics Council, Alena Buyx, presenting the statement “Humans and machines – Challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence”.

The German Ethics Council is an independent body that deals with ethical issues and challenges in the field of natural sciences, medicine and health. The 26 members that make it up are appointed by the president of the Bundestag (Lower House of Parliament). Both Parliament and the federal government can commission the Ethics Council to advise on certain issues.

The council indicated that in the case of the medical sector, AI could be useful, for example, to alleviate care bottlenecks due to staff shortages and to make more accurate diagnoses.

However, he stressed that in the development and use of AI products, the loss of medical competence must be avoided and that the privacy of patients must be reconciled with the intensive use of data in medical research.

In addition, he warned that for the use of Artificial Intelligence in public administration, it is important to protect citizens from discrimination. He pointed out that the recommendations of the machines should not be followed blindly and the consideration of each case and the rights of inspection and objection of those affected must be guaranteed.

“AI applications cannot replace human intelligence, responsibility and evaluation,” said Julian Nida-Rümelin, vice president of the German Ethics Council.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Steve Johnson, Unsplash)

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