Free apps with interesting tools and utilities

The applications market grows rapidly through highly attractive launches for users who love technology

The technological advance brings home free applications of great interest and usefulness not only for professionals in the digital universe but for the general public. These are programs that allow to create and manipulate videos, take photos and edit or retouch to the user’s taste, intervene predetermined images or create graphics for professional use.

These are just some examples of what users can obtain today through open source software, which contributes to the democratization of technologies.

The list of free applications is long, but it is worth mentioning some to know their benefits. An example is Handbrake, completely free, multiplatform, open source and with tools to transform a video into almost any known format.

As for images, InfanView is an alternative viewer for Windows, which allows the user to “convert, optimize, scan and print, create slide shows, process bulk, and much more through its plugins. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.”

For the lovers of the painting and the professionals of artistic areas Krita is the best option. It is a digital painting software for illustrators, creators of comics, conceptual art and the like. It is cross-platform, free and available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

People who need to elaborate graphs, transform data into tables or use equations can use Desmos. A free scientific calculator that can be used from the web, from any operating system. They can also download it through mobile applications for iOS or Android.

The movies scenario does not escape new and very useful applications. OpenToonz is a program for those who are responsible for the production of 2D animations currently used by Studio Ghibli. It is free, open source and available for Windows and macOS.

In the universe of music, which also does not escape technological advances, the creators have MuseScore to produce and print free sheet music from Windows, Linux, macOS or ChromeOS. The application has a version for iOS and Android.


Source: Ganbeta

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