South Korea will create a blockchain university campus

Two universities of the Asian country will be grouped in a blockchain campus and will launch their own cryptocurrency

The Yonsei University and Pohang Science and Technology University from South Korea will be united in a campus based on the blockchain technology. The news was recently announced through the local English newspaper Business Korea.

The statement informed that the project will be launched in mid-2019. It also quoted the use of a currency called Neuron, interchangeable by products in the cafeteria of the university.

Through this initiative, the two South Korean universities have planned “a dedicated research center, outreach programs business and other plans.” They also work on a project focused especially on the student and the increase of the use of cryptocurrency.

Postech University develops the blockchain system for the exchange of knowledge called Engram which includes a plan for rewards through the altcoin Neuron.

To take advantage of the potential of decentralized technology, both universities develop a “blockchain voting system, with the technology used to ensure that there are no falsifications of results.”

Education and research sectors in South Korea seek establish solid foundations for the future with the use of new technologies.


Source: Cointelegraph

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