First 1,000 vehicles made in Iran arrived in Venezuela

On Saturday night, the first 1,000 cars from Iran arrived in Venezuela, according to the Minister of Transportation Ramón Velásquez Araguayán's Twitter account

The Venezuelan Minister of Transportation, Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, announced the arrival in Venezuela of the first 1,000 Iranian-made vehicles, according to agreements signed between the two countries last November.

Through his Twitter account, Araguayán indicated on Saturday night the arrival of the 1,000 Saina cars from the Saipa company, manufactured in Iran. He also pointed out that another batch of 2,000 Ikco brand vehicles is expected for February.

Regarding the purchase of these vehicles manufactured in Iran, the Minister of Transportation pointed out that “it will be necessary to register through the official QR code, through which interested parties will obtain purchase information with the prices of each model.”

With this modality of purchase, according to Araguayán, the interested parties will avoid any type of scam or vulnerability in the negotiation.




Source: lanacionweb

(Reference image source: social networks)

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