Firefox tests its own VPN to hide IP address

The Mozilla developer has launched its own virtual private network for its Firefox browser, which allows users to hide their IP address when browsing and also offer protection for WiFi networks

Firefox Private Network, as the VPN is known, is finally launched in beta version after several years of development. At the moment Mozilla only allows customers to use the desktop version of the browser from the United States, as the company explained in a statement.

The Firefox VPN has several functions. The main one allows the user to hide the IP address from which he is connecting through encryption, so that they are not found by third parties, such as advertising companies.

In addition, the new Firefox tool seeks to protect users from the “hidden costs of free Wi-Fi hotspots,” as Mozilla explains. The new VPN provides “a secure tunnel to the web” and protects sensitive information such as history and private or financial data.

Firefox Private Network works through an extension that can be activated or deactivated by means of a button at any time the users decide.

Firefox Private Network is only a beta and the company has warned that it will modify the tool in the coming months based on the opinions it receives from the testers. Mozilla has now relaunched the function after offering it on the market as an ‘add-on’, initially as a pilot test that it intends to close in January.


Source: dpa

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