Coinbase UK solves a demand for phishing attack

The British cryptocurrency exchange division Coinbase settled the legal case of Liam Robertson who lost 80 bitcoins in an email phishing attack

On September 10, the legal news portal Law360 reported that Coinbase UK had reached an undisclosed agreement with Liam Robertson to solve a legal dispute started two months ago in London, where the victim would have lost 80 bitcoins, equivalent to US $ 815,744.

The victim noticed what happened after the system sent an acceptance notification to confirm the identity of the person who would have made transactions in his account. The robbery was executed after they transferred 60 bitcoins to a Coinbase digital wallet and the other 20 to local exchanges.

Robertson’s attorneys say that this case is a reference for other frauds that have been carried out and thus contribute to the recovery of stolen crypto assets.

According to the law 360 of the courts in England and Wales Coinbase may not dissipate or transfer stolen cirptocurrencies. Otherwise, this could be detrimental to the exchange company.

In May, according to the Jurisdiction Working Group led by the United Kingdom Government, there was a public consultation to determine the status of crypto assets under English private law. The working group said that the legal status of cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom is uncertain, and they are also considered an important deterrent for potential investors.

K. Villarroel

Source: cointelegraph

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