Evaluation of tooth enamel and proper post orthodontic care

Dr. Carlos Rauseo, dentist-orthodontist, explains and documents the care that must be taken in the treatment termination phase

It is extremely important that a specialized professional perform the removal of braces, since the final phase is as important as the orthodontic treatment itself. Experience is key.

  • What happens when the braces are removed?
  • What does it consist of?
  • Are regular checks needed?

We spoke with Dr. Carlos Rauseo, a dentist specializing in orthodontics and a member of the team of professionals at LaplanaBologna, who explained and documented the care that should be provided in the final phase of treatment.

It should be noted that a wrong removal of brackets can cause permanent enamel damage. It is quite common to see patients who come to the office with scratched enamel, microfractures, post orthodontic resin remains or undue and unnecessary abrasions (dental wear)

Without diminishing or eroding the enamel surface, use of magnification (dental microscope), fluorescence light, equipment and special rotating material must be used to remove only the resin, and thus achieve both a healthy and comfortable state, as well as that natural aspect desired, Rauseo notes.

“Hand in hand with the latest technology, always relying on the most consistent and recent theoretical / practical research, at LaplanaBologna we deal with the methodology corresponding to our patients, receiving professional care and human appreciation, as if each one were a direct relative”, said Carlos Rauseo, insisting to conclude that the completion phase is as important as the orthodontic treatment itself.

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