US court stops Xiaomi veto order

A federal judge in Washington stalled the Justice Department's request to block the Chinese company, which they blamed for alleged "ties to the Chinese military"

Xiaomi celebrated the decision of a United States court that temporarily paralyzed the order to veto the Chinese company for alleged ties with the Chinese army, made in the last days of the administration of former President Donald Trump.

Rudolph Contreras, a federal judge in the state of Washington, ruled a temporary blockade against the measure of the Department of Defense that prevented the investment of US companies in Xiaomi, after the Chinese company filed an appeal.

Contreras estimated that Xiaomi had a high probability of winning the litigation against the US Department of Defense, and considered that the permanent blockade would entail “irreparable damage” for the technology manufacturer.

This Sunday, the company issued a statement in which it celebrates the US judge’s decision against its consideration as a “communist Chinese military company”, thus avoiding receiving investments from the North American country.

The technology manufacturer again recalled that it is “a private and independently operated company”, as well as that it “offers electronic products for civilian use only”, in response to its allegations of ties with the Chinese army.

K. Tovar

Source: Xataka

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