OneCoin ponzi scam promotes events through social media

The promoters of one of the largest pyramid scams in the crypto ecosystem will hold events in Japan and Mexico

OneCoin, known as a Ponzi scheme, is promoting events through social networks. Two of them will be scheduled on 22 this month in Tokyo and another on March 7 in Mexico. An exhibition was recently held in Colombia too.

This popular alleged fraud scheme, founded by Sebastian Greenwood, who is going through a judicial case in the United States. UU. and by Rufa Ignatova, known as the “Crypto Queen” still in liberty, have carried out  different events to promote scams through Asia and Latin America in association with DealShaker.

With an estimated capitalization between US$ 4,000 million and US$ 15,000 million, OneCoin continues to operate in countries around the world. Nevertheless, authorities from different regions have tried to stop these activities with the arrest of several representatives of the scheme but their promoters continue to earn popularity in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

As a curious fact, the ads have been published in the social network Facebook, a company characterized by eliminating deceptive and fraudulent advertising of cryptographic schemes. Anyway, this time it is a window to show illegal actions.

At the moment DealShaker and OnePay continues as a platform related to the scam and their representatives continue to pursue events through social networks.


Source: diariobitcoin

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