European Central Bank to redesign euro banknotes

The ECB plans to involve citizens in the banknote redesign process through discussion groups, ending the process in 2024

The European Central Bank (ECB) reported that it plans to invite the population to participate in the redesign of the euro banknotes in a process that is projected to culminate in 2024 with the acceptance of a final proposal.

In the words of Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, “after 20 years, it is time to update the appearance of our banknotes so that Europeans of all ages and backgrounds can identify with them.”

She also expressed that the euro banknotes will remain on the market for a long time.” She stressed that the banknotes “are here to stay” considering it a tangible symbol and that it represents the union in Europe, especially in times of crisis.

European Central Bank appoints advisory group

European citizens will participate in the redesign process of the new banknotes, which is why the European Central Bank appointed an advisory group made up of a specialist from each country in the area, who will be responsible for consulting people on possible issues for the bills.

Citizens will express their opinion through the discussion groups that will be created as one of the first steps in the redesign process. The group will address the different proposals or topics for future bills.

Then, the advisory group will present the list to the Governing Council of the ECB, which once the topics have been selected will call a design competition for the new banknotes and the public will be summoned again. The Governing Council will be the one to adopt the final decision and issue the order to produce and print the euro banknotes and to establish the date of their issue.

M. Rodríguez


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