Brand positioning in the digital market

Social networks have become the main ally for the positioning of the brand in the digital market

The positioning of the brand in the digital market is strongly supported by social networks, new apps and innovative marketing strategies.

Every year the companies dedicated to the study of the growth of brands launch the ranking of the best positioned, basing their analysis on their estimated value in the market, the number of followers in social networks, level of participation, marketing strategies, advertising, among others.

Social networks are fundamental for brand positioning in the market

The most recent data highlights brands such as Google, McDonalds, CocaCola, LaLiga, BBC, CNN, ESPN, Tesla, Nasa, Netflix, Samsung, Microsoft. But, what do all of them have in common to appear in a top 20 or top 100 ranking?

Undoubtedly, a common aspect is the strategic use of social networks to find the best place in the world market. These sales giants are being joined by more and more segments since until a few years ago, like service, fast food, technology and electronics sectors could be seen mainly.

Currently, the sports sectors and related companies such as footwear and sportswear, online entertainment, news services, fashion, car sales, social networks, jewelry are added, to mention just some of the most notable.

Optimize positioning

Both consolidated and emerging markets offer a variety of products, content or services, all leveraged on strong digital marketing campaigns, updated with a periodicity that can be between 3 and 6 months.

So a small company, which starts modestly in a small space and with few employees, can achieve significant growth in its market value with proper advice on advertising, digital commerce through Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook , Youtube and Twitter.

This is one of the most visible strategies in current e-commerce, where giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Mercedes Benz or Disney, among others, compete, and where the valuation of the former is over 400 million dollars and the latter it is close to 41 million dollars.


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