Ethereum Foundation will support projects in Latin America

The foundation will support eight projects in Honduras and five in Colombia, for its first participation in the region

The Ethereum Foundation announced its first jobs in Latin America, through the support of eight projects in Honduras and five in Colombia.

This is a series of educational projects, development of dApps for animal protection or voting systems, even Slayer 2 development project.

Specifically, the educational field is where the highest number of approved projects is denoted. In Honduras, Juan Mayen’s project called “La Vida en Nuestro Idioma” (Life in our Language) stands out. It is focused on the production and translation of Ethereum articles into the Spanish language.

The project of Francisco R. Nuñez is focused on teaching artisans and members of craft markets about the potential of Ethereum to be able to sell their products in international markets.

Colombia, for its part, will carry three more projects focused on education, where Nethereum stands out. It is an idea that focuses on education in Spanish but at a more technical level of cryptocurrency.

The developers and researchers are also involved in this distribution of funds. The Shy Panda dApp designed to coordinate donations for the preservation of species and the Ballotted dApp proposed to create a decentralized voting system, are among the decentralized applications that will receive grants for their development within Honduras.

For its part, the development of the Layer 2 SDK, also carried out in Honduras, will receive funds together with Testeur, a tool designed to improve the processes of developers in Ethereum.

K. Tovar

Source: Beincrypto

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