Twitter will soon accept security keys for identification

The social network indicated that it is close to launching this two-factor security process, so that users can even carry out their registration using only this procedure

The Twitter platform began to support the use of multiple security keys for the two-factor identification process, and will soon allow users to log into their accounts only through this mechanism.

At the end of 2020, Twitter introduced support for physical security keys in its version for Android and iOS mobiles. The ‘microblogging’ platform thus allows one of these physical devices to be used as an additional verification of identity, but still requires one more method.

However, it will soon be possible to use only a security key to validate yourself in a Twitter account, without the need to use other means, as indicated by the social network in the official profile of its support.

Likewise, the platform also indicated that it is already possible for Twitter users to use several different security keys in the current two-step authentication process.

This new security feature will be available both in the mobile version of Twitter and on its website.

K. Tovar

Source: Zonamovilidad

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