Elon Musk works on encrypted messages on Twitter

Twitter CEO Elon Musk wants to implement WhatsApp-style encryption of direct messages

The encryption of direct messages on Twitter is one of the issues that the CEO of the social network, Elon Musk, is currently working on.

This is a project that the new owner of the social network has been working on, who hopes that among so many changes, the possible implementation of this function will not cause more disturbances among users.

Musk wants to carry, in the style of WhatsApp, encrypted messages, despite the fact that interaction between users does not take place on Twitter as in the first network.

However, the South African tycoon focuses on DMs, or direct messages, between users with this function activated. The priority for the CEO of Twitter are safe messages.

It is still early to know more details about this new feature. However, there is speculation about its possible launch by the end of March.


Source: computerhoy

(Reference image source: Freestocks, Unsplash)

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