Dominican Congressman submits bill to regulate teleworking

Orlando Villegas stated that the initiative aims to establish remuneration to employees for using their own tools

This Wednesday, before the National Congress of the Dominican Republic, deputy Orlando Jorge Villegas announced a new bill to regulate teleworking and face-to-face jobs, as reported by the parliamentarian in the assembly.

The proposal specifies that both teleworkers and face-to-face employees must have the same rights and obligations, which is why within the project it is established that their performance will be measured under the same standards.

It is also attributed that they will have the opportunity to opt for promotions or changes of modality as long as their performance, experience and preparation make them eligible for it.

The intention expressed by Villegas is to establish equal pay in different areas and for this the legislator said that he has held meetings with the representative of the Ministry of Labor, Luis Miguel DeCamps, in order to unify criteria and points of view with the institution that regulates labor issues in the country.

In this sense, the legislator stated that within the project, remuneration is established for employees for the use of their personal tools, such as the Internet, electricity and local telephone.

K. Villarroel

Source: diariolibre

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