Dismantled illegal cryptocurrency farm in Spain

The National Police of Almería dismantled a cryptocurrency farm that was hidden in an industrial estate and arrested two citizens

The National Police of Almería (Spain) arrested two citizens and dismantled a cryptocurrency farm that was operating inside an “industrial warehouse in the Almería industrial estate.

According to the information provided in a press release, the agents began the investigations in March, once they had obtained “sufficient evidence” linking the detainees to “illicit business.”

The steps taken led the agents to two industrial warehouses and inside one of them the police found a “sophisticated system for creating cryptoactives and making computer notes associated with the transactions of these cryptoactives, which is commonly called a farm for cryptocurrency mining.

The agents discovered a continuous air extraction system, illegally linked to an electrical network, some 344 processors and 37 ‘antminers’, mining calculators. The officers also seized 1,350 euros in cash.

Legislative absence on crypto mining

The police officers indicated that in Spain there is still no regulatory development regarding the mining of crypto assets, and they insist that “this type of farm is paid for by the “criminal organizations” that use them to create cryptocurrencies and give legal appearance “to the money” obtained. for other types of activities outside the law.

The National Police is deepening the investigations and analyzing the seized material. They do not rule out the arrest of other people who may be involved in this event.

This type of activity is outside the forecasts of the Tax Agency and the General Directorate of Taxes and represents a crime of “electricity fraud” in the country.

M. Rodríguez

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Source: diariodealmeira.es

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